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Mpho Muvhango


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : October 21, 2015

GPD Consulting Prepares for the “I Will Succeed” (IWS) Launch Connect & Dine (LCD) event 

Founder and CEO of GPD Consulting Mpho Muvhango was awarded a branding and Marketing contract by “IWS, a new  brand born from a book  entitled “The 12 success factors” that is soon to be launched  together with the book on the 31st OCT 2015   at The Carnivore in Misty Hills.


The Founder Of the book and brand DR J.L Mabuela is also an Apostle of the FCS church in Westrand Kagiso, he is a visionary who is concerned about the development of Westrand and the people that reside there. He underwent a research study for 2 and a half years on success, to find out why certain people succeed whilst others struggle to, he then came across the 12 success factors that can be found within each person which people who succeed use to attain their success.


From this he then decided to create a brand “I Will succeed” (IWS)  which has a trade mark of a budding seed with 12 roots that represent the 12 success factors in the book. The idea is that whenever you see this budding seed, you must be motivated to succeed, your hope must be rekindled, your passion provoked and a success mindset activated within you.

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Should you want to be attend this high end event on the 31st, please contact, tickets are selling for R500-00 and the dress code is red tie. GPD Consulting will be attending this event and it is suspected that some celebrities that can not yet be named will be attending the event. Dignitaries from all over the world will be attending the event, people from as far as USA will be attending this event, you are advised to bring along your business cards as there will be a networking session allocated for you to get to know and exchange business cards with great influential people who might be of help to you and your business or service. you never know who you might meet there.

For ideas on how to dress up for this event, please see link below   females males

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