press release TBG Creatives


Mpho Muvhango


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : December 24, 2015

GPD Consulting attends a wedding with the best fashion designs by TBG Creatives

Founder and CEO of GPD Consulting Mpho Muvhango was awarded a branding and Marketing contract by “TBG Creatives, a new brand formerly know as TBG Fashions. The brand is to be launched in February 2016, venue and date are still yet to be confirmed. The Brand provides fashion design and beauty spa services for events such as weddings, social events, corporate events and year end parties.


TBG Creatives’ founder Tebogo Manya is a very talented Fashion designer who has made a name for herself. Her high end gowns speak for themselves as they portray elegance, expertise and a unique flavor that is still yet to explode for many to follow the aroma. Tebogo has created wedding garments, from wedding dresses to brides maids attires, she is also popular for creating African inspired garments that are made out of the famous African fabrics SESHWESHWE(from the Tswana CULTURE) and Ankara which is found all over Africa. She is also great with incorporating western and African fabrics to create exquisite garments that look ravishing in weddings where couples would like to kill two birds with one stone (Get married both African and western way in one wedding or avoid double expenses).



TBG Creatives also have a beauty spa where they offer classic pedicures, manicures, facials and massages. Tebogo Manya has acquired extensive experience in massages and facials as she worked at a beauty spa, her skillful hands and fingers know their way towards relaxing her clients and ensuring they feel calm and get a break away from their busy lives. Watch out for this great brand that is at the verge of explosion.


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