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JMT Platters is a Family company that provides various food platters for any event, any need or any request. Our platters fall into 3 categories, Meat Platter, Fruit Platter and Vegetable platter. You can also have mixed platters with a bit of everything We also provide picnic baskets that can be filled with Cheese, crackers, breads, veggies, fruits and drinks according to your preference. We also make health lunch boxes for both adults and young people.

Fruit platter

Fruit platters/ kebabs are always the way to go when you are a healthy eater. They keep you healthy and hydrated during a warm sunny day. Contact us to place your order  #JMTPlatters #FruitPlatter

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Meat Platter

Boost your protein with a meaty platter, you know you can never go wrong with some meaty treats. #JMTPlatters#MeatyPlatter

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Vegetable platter

Vegetable platters are always great for the healthy eaters, you can never go wrong with some fried, steamed or boiled vegetables in kebabs. #JMTPlatters#VegetablePlatter

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Mixed Platter

Mixed platters are always great if you cant decide what you feel like eating. Mix things up and get the best of everything.#JMTPlatters #MixedPlatter

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David Lloyd & Michelle Citrin  SONY DSC

Sandwich platter

The best way to feed a large group of people is to get sandwich platters #JMTPlatters #SandwichPlatter

1-all-cheese sub-sanswich-platter

Picnic Platters

The best picnics are made of good food and tastey treats. Make your choice on what to include in your platter #PicnicPlatter  #JMTPlatters

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