Freedom Day – Poem by Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi

Nelson Mandela It Always Seems Impossible


Walking with arms at my back
On corridor of liberty,
Where man’s dream was once met,
And again, man’s wound is abolished.

There are no restrictions to gain,
Less I am confined, prisoned,
For I am accorded human respect
That was taken from my old folks.

We let you to levitate, with our gratitude
For your adamant spirits emancipated us,
And let those lost, redeem their virtues
For that is all they needed.

Mandela, Sisulu and Tambo
Punished for our welfare,
Salute, we salute them all,
For their dreams are quenched.

The puzzle mat is well combined
People are of colorless skin
And of same objectives, embracing this land
South African, Mzansi Africa
Enjoy the silent communication with the nation
Enjoy the juices of Mzansi’s vine yard.

On this freedom day
We join hands and shield liberation,
We instill love together,
Let the wings of the dove reign.

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