The power of Social Media Marketing



Digital marketing is a science. We should all have realised by now that in the world of online, nothing happens by chance. Every GIF, Vine, video or comment that we see is most likely the result of somebody somewhere’s social media marketing strategy.

What has become self-evident today, however, began as an unintended side-effect of the global uptake of the internet. Facebook was never intended to be a marketing tool, Youtube was simply a means of sharing your home made videos, and even Google was first and foremost a means to an end. You could call it the age of innocence, and inevitably, it did not last long.

The internet is by a distance the most powerful phenomenon of this, or perhaps any other generation, and back when it first began, whilst most of us engaged with it, the more perceptive amongst us saw that it was up for grabs.

Mpho Muvhango is somebody for whom the expression “ahead of his time” could have been invented. At age 25, she founded his first search marketing business using her laptop as an office. Mpho is not your archetypal girl-genius type, however, socially insecure and writing algorithms for fun, but rather somebody who realised the social impact that the internet could have, and decided that she wanted to be one of the people directing the traffic.

Although her early businesses were successful in their own small way, having graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a degree in Corporate Communications, she needed to expand her horizons, she he joined a company called Media 101.


Mpho was the fifth employee at Media 101, entering the nascent Google AdWords and paid search market. The Company experienced phenomenal growth, achieving great revenues

Staff were taught to carry out projects that had usually begun as a leap of faith by the management team, based on what direction they thought the market would go. With no precedent or rulebook to follow, they were literally making it up as they went along, blazing a trail for others to follow.

Mpho Muvhango, founder of GPD Consulting


After working closely with Facebook for many years, whilst others were sceptical of its ability to deliver financial sustainability through advertising revenues, Mpho realised that “with Facebook, you can target pretty much any demographic you want, no matter how specific”.

Age group, tastes, hobbies, friendship groups and even optimum time of day to send an advertising message were all within scope. “You can experiment with groups, and work out which audience is best for your business; with social you can know for sure”. You can reach more customers, cheaper, through the power of data.



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