The importance of content curation 

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There are examples of things turning viral, of a single Facebook post suddenly creating loads of revenues.

Let’s make something clear from the start: This is not what you are after. Enjoy it if it happens, but it has nothing to do with reliability. It cannot be fabricated. It cannot be planned. What we are after is creating reliable traffic sources.

So, let’s get to it. The first thing we are going to talk about is content. Because you are going to need a lot of it. Just like with SEO.

But unlike SEO, social media allows you to legitimately use existing content by other people to create your social media accounts – and they will ultimately become your traffic sources. This concept is called “Content Curation”.

Here is how you do it.

You start with research. You research all the blogs, influencers, famous social accounts, online magazines and what else you can find that is active online within your area of expertise or the niche you are creating influence in.

In fact you research the competition. But you will not treat them as competition. You will start treating them as friends, or if not that, then as colleagues.

You will read their stuff and you will start sharing what you think was good. In fact, you should allocate some time per day to reading and rating content and then, share it around.

Here is what this does for you. First: Your social media accounts are going to share a lot of content that is interesting for your target audience. At this point, it does not matter that you are sharing little content that creates traffic for you. But what you are trying to do right now is not going straight for the traffic.

Right now you are going for some attention – getting some followers that simply want a content source that gives them the best content.

If you have your own content already, you should of course share that as well. But even if you already have fifty articles on your blog – they are not enough. So add some curated stuff into the mix.

While reading all the articles and consuming all the content that you curate, you will also start learning – and learning is really important. It will increase your knowledge about your niche and enable you to create better content about it. But more importantly, it will enable you to get a feeling for what people want to consume. And this will enable you to create the content you need for traffic generation.

Continue your own content creation. Become a better content creator. But also continue content curation – have a look at social media influencers. All of them curate content as well as share their own. They mask it of sometimes – maybe they have a lot of guest posts on their blog and only share those. But the important part is this: They do not limit themselves to just content they created themselves.

A good place to constantly discover new content sources for your curation efforts is Klout:


Apart from the famous Klout score, Klout also analyzes your Twitter audience for content they like and share and gives you recommendations for content you can consume and share yourself.

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