The backbone to every social media strategy: Twitter

No long term social media strategy can survive without Twitter. It’s a fact. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you don’t have a social media strategy. Here is why:

  • Twitter is a valid interaction place for every topic. There is nothing that you cannot talk about on Twitter, there is no topic that does not have a reachable audience on Twitter.
  • Twitter is reliable: Twitter does sometimes make small changes, but Twitter does not make big changes to its system that will suddenly crash the traffic you drive from it. Twitter has found a sweet spot with its audience. There is no algorithm determining whether your post is shown to your followers, no censorship applied.
  • Twitter is a place where you can openly reach out to other members – no one will be angry if you do (as long as you behave yourself).
  • If treated right, Twitter is the most reliable traffic source on the planet – you might not drive as much traffic per Tweet as you might for some Facebook posts, but it is possible to drive 10s of 1000s of clicks per month from Twitter. (In fact, I have been running sites that have been driving 100s of 1000s of clicks from Twitter per month.)
  • Twitter can be used to grow your other social channels as well. The keyword here is cross promotion and we will cover this in more detail in a couple of days.

So, for a good start, start working on your Twitter account.

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