How to start growing your Twitter account

First things first: For success on Twitter you need content, a lot of it. Nothing is as boring as looking at a Twitter account that does not provide links to interesting content.

So, you will need to start tweeting. Start tweeting 10 times a day. Finding content to tweet 10 times a day is easy once you follow the curation advice above.

The free version of the tool Buffer will allow you to set up a schedule for 10 tweets in advance, use it to spread out these 10 tweets over the day. Once you did your research on your niche and have a list of content sources you follow, you won’t need to spend more than 10 minutes a day on this. Here is the link to Buffer:


But simply tweeting content alone won’t cut it. To build authority, influence and followers you will need to reach out to them. Here is a way of doing that.

Follow a certain number of people from your niche every day. Keep following them a couple of days and then unfollow them again. Don’t follow just big accounts, go for the smaller ones. People with 50 to a couple of 100s of followers.

This will do the following for you, a certain percentage of these will follow you back. You have to unfollow those who don’t because Twitter has a few limits:

  • When you are first starting out, you can follow a maximum of 2000 people… BUT: Twitter is very careful not to allow people to just build a following by rapidly following and unfollowing accounts. So don’t go in and follow 2000 people. Start following no more than 20 a day.
  • You will never be able to follow more than 10% more people than are following you, after you hit the number of following 2000 people.
  • Twitter will be watching you, and when they think you are too aggressive they will suspend your account, but the first time is only a warning shot usually. You will need to promise not to do it again – and they will open your account again. But be careful anyway.
  • How many people you can follow every day will strongly depend on how many followers you have and how active you actually are.

As said before: start with 20 people a day. Start to notice how your account will start to grow – and slightly increase the amount. When you have a couple of thousand followers you should have a feeling of what can be done and what cannot be done.

Even at a 100,000 followers, I still won’t do more than 700 a day. But at this point it will not matter as much any more. My account grows organically. And at some point that will happen for your account as well.

Here is a simple tactic to find people to follow: Follow influencers in your space – and then look at their followers. These are people that are interested in their content, so they will be interested in yours as well. Start with them.

At some point, following will become time consuming and a pain. But there is a helpful tool for this, called ManageFlitter:


It allows you to follow people much easier and even makes the unfollowing process a lot easier. It is highly recommended. The free version won’t get you far, but once it saves you more than half an hour a day, the paid version is well worth its price.

But even if you only want to use the free version right now, sign up for it now, get a feel for it, see what it can do, so you know how much time it will save you when you need it.

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