The Top-Rated Social Analytics Tools by Marketers

Which social media analytics tools are most used and liked by marketers?

To find out, G2 Crowd recently examined more than 200 evaluations of social analytics tools on its software review platform by business, marketing, and analytics professionals.

Social analytics tools were defined in the report as platforms used for tracking, measuring, and reporting on social media account performance. The researchers ranked the tools based on customer satisfaction scores and the size of their market presence.

Some 82% of all reviewers say the social analytics tool they currently use meets their requirements, and 83% say they would be likely to recommend the platform they use.

Simply Measured had the highest overall customer satisfaction score of all the tools examined in the report and was named a Leader, which means it is both highly liked by users and has a large market presence.

Crimson Hexagon, Followerwonk, Tracx, and Unmetric were named High Performers, which means they also have high customer satisfaction scores, but they have a smaller market presence.

About the research: The report was based on data from 200 evaluations of social analytics on the G2 Crowd software review platform written by business, marketing, and analyt

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