GPD Consulting




Genioquar Pria Dolphin consulting is a Digital Marketing and Interior design agency that specializes in helping start ups establish their online presence. GPD Consulting deals with all businesses from small , medium to big enterprises. We create/upgrade corporate identities and images which are relevant and professional for different kinds of  businesses ensuring great brand publicity and marketing.

GPD consulting aims to offer different marketing solutions that can be digital Marketing, traditional Marketing to on the line marketing. The company is recommended in writing of articles, press releases, crisis management, reputation management and project management.

We also offer  interior design services which cater for homes, commercial and corporate. We hope to offer  employment for the coming generation within the field of corporate communications. interior design and PR.  We strive to give the best service to our clients in excellence.

Whether you’re launching a brand new business or taking your existing company to new heights, we’re here to help turn your big dreams into a profitable reality.